W28D6 – Tired

I’m tired.

I’ve been reading a few other blogs from super outdoorsy ladies keeping up their fave sports while preggo.

And something happens right around the third trimester in every. single. one: they tone back their exercise. They quit writing as much. In a nutshell, they take a giant step back from Life.

Wow, third trimester sounds brutal!

Of course I’ve wondered this whole time, will I follow the same fate?!

I can tell you now my energy levels are definitely declining. And it’s not just that, I have less desire to even try to be active!

Hanging at home resting, eating, and sleeping sounds great. Basically all the time. Ha!

I know labor’s going to be rough. And being super active has always been a part of my identity! It’s one thing that always makes me feel me.

So I’m trying to stick to my goal of exercising every day, with break days after particularly hard workouts. Here’s what counts as exercise for preggo me:

Biking to or from work (6mi, 35min)
– Going to the climbing gym
– Going for a run (at least 3mi)
– Hiking
– Going for a walk (at least 45min)
– Going to an exercise class (my fave is aerials)
– Doing a simple home workout (or squats, assisted pullups, etc)
– Following a yoga routine, either in class or at home
Wii dancing

It’s definitely not as much as non-preggo me would do, but if I can get my heart rate up and my muscles tired that’s a win! I’d love to at least keep writing throughout third trimester as a memento of what pregnancy has been like.

KK 31dec18