W24D2 – Crushing at the gym

My body is LOVING climbing!

I mean, I normally love to climb. But climbing preggo is… different.

My body feels soft and warm. Moving is smooth, like every joint has been oiled and perfectly tuned. Every muscle and every bone is connected, coordinating in perfect harmony to lift my body up the wall. I’m a mere spectator to what my body does intuitively, experiencing the entire climb with an easy joy.

And I already loved it before getting knocked up!

Exercising has always brought me simple, easy-going contentment. There’s a pure kind of joy that comes from simply feeling my body in motion.

Now that feeling is even more encompassing!

Maybe part of it is the relaxin pumping through my veins. Or maybe it’s the simple gratitude of still being able to climb, a true love I feared I’d have to give up for nine months.

Either way, I’m up on the wall and loving it!

I will be honest…. I’m definitely weaker than pre-preggo state. At first I thought it was the weight gain. 15 pounds (and counting!) is a lot on a 120-pound frame – that’s over 10% more mass to carry!

But then Richard mentioned I’ve climbed with a backpack and gear lots of times. I sure felt the weight, but it was never near heavy enough to prevent me from executing moves I can normally do with ease. Maybe I’d feel a bit more tired at the top, or have to get a bit more momentum to do a big push, but I could definitely still get up the wall with the extra weight.

Now…. my muscles just don’t move. Ha! I’ll be on autopilot ready to launch up to grab a big jug way above my head… and my body does kind of this pathetic, mini attempt at a push. Like, not even close! And then I’m just sitting there pretending like I have a chance to grab the next hold, but actually I’m just an old lady in disguise 😉

So then I move my hands and feet around and figure out another way to reach the hold. And it works! Just have to remember I don’t have as much power as usual. My body feels so psyched to be moving that it still works, just different. Slower and more fluid and lower key.

The CRAZY part is, I am still climbing my same level! Maybe my form’s getting better since I can’t muscle up climbs like I used to. Or maybe I’m finding a way since I KNOW I can do it 🙂

Psyched to be climbing!

KK 29nov18