W24D1 – Marina Run

I’m definitely getting bigger.

Today’s run at the marina had a few more challenges than last week’s. The biggest was the round ligament pain which my doctor warned me about. It was a sharp pain along each side of my belly. What it comes from is stress to the round ligaments, which extend upward from the pelvis to hold the uterus in place within the abdomen. Kind of like the ropes of a hot air balloon tethering the expanding balloon to the basket.

At first I tried to run through the pain, but it became so sharp I had to stop and walk (also wanted to be sure I wasn’t actually hurting myself!). It soon subsided and I was able to pick up running again, albeit slowly.

But it felt weird! I’m not used to feeling my insides move around as I run. I’m nothing but a giant uterus on legs!

I continued running slowly and was able to pick up my pace. And then my feet started aching! First. Time. Ever.

I use a supportive trail running shoe, the Brooks Cascadia. They have less than 200 miles on them, well under the recommended replacement range of 300-500 miles. So if my feet are aching already… must be the ligaments loosening up 😉

The round ligament pain I expect to clear on its own once my uterus is bigger. The achy feet… well that’ll be another challenge to figure out. To be continued…

KK 28nov18