This is a site about one woman pursuing her love of adventure while pregnant. It’s meant to be a resource for anyone trying to stay (or become!) active for nine months. Maybe you’re an athlete trying to figure out how your “new body” works; or you want to give your baby the healthiest start and don’t know the best exercises yet for your changing body; maybe you’re just looking for someone else who can relate to sleeping for ten hours and crying at commercials 🙂 Whatever brings you here, welcome!

The site is split into a Get Active page for curated tips-n-tricks to keep your body moving, a How To page for useful tutorials to support a pregnant body, a Gear page with product reviews specific for pregnant athletes, and a Blog page of stories and firsthand accounts from another preggo trying to stay active. I hope all pages offer something you can relate to!

I first started blogging so I wouldn’t forget a single thing to tell my husband during those initial few weeks. I found out I was pregnant the first day of a two-week period apart. It was on a business trip away from home, sleeping alone, without my own fridge or kitchen. I had SO much to share with him, and so many intense and confusing experiences with my own body. Writing was the one rope that held me to shore while I waited out this crazy and unexpected transition.

The more I wrote, the more I realized it could be useful for more than just me and my husband. Friends encouraged me to record it all somewhere, and writing everything (the amazing and the difficult) has proven to be a wonderful antidote to the cacophony of moods my hormones introduce me to on the daily 😉

Enjoy the site, and happy pregnancy!