W24D3 – Goat Rock

Had a great trip up to Goat Rock Beach for some climbing and beach-going! Our cousins from out of town got to try outdoor climbing for the first time which they kicked butt at.

Here I am at the top of a 5.8 climb. It’s one I’ve done about a zillion times before (we always take visitors here 🙂 ) so it was great to try it again pregnant! Still stoked to be climbing the same routes and getting up on the wall.

Here’s the crazy part about preggo climbing. So normally I have a healthy fear of heights. Climbing is a mental exercise at not becoming completely irrational with fear. However while pregnant I feel so… calm. Being up on the rock feels natural and easy. My body loves it and my mind is simply, okay with it. It’s peaceful, gentle, intuitive, and grounding.

Who would’ve thought!

Anyway that’s my theory on why I’m still climbing at the same level as pre-preggo: barely even afraid anymore!

One of the best perks of pregnancy hormones so far 🙂

KK 30nov18