W27D2 – Trail running

Went for a 4-mile run today with a Belly Band.

It totally helped!

The last run I did (couple weeks ago) was a bit tough. I made it maybe 1.5-2 miles before getting some awful side cramps. It felt like my insides were jostling together with every step. I ended up having to stop and walk for maybe half a mile before I felt better. Even once I started jogging again, it was super slow. Every step had to be cushiony and easy.

To be honest, I didn’t run again for a couple weeks. The experience was a little disheartening! I read a bunch of online forums for pregnant runners and finally decided to buy a belly support band.

Today’s run was a lot better. I still had a lot of pelvic achiness and hip pain, but at least no cramping or “jostling insides”. And of course I had to take it slow to not get too winded. I made sure to use the bathroom before going, and ate enough to keep my blood sugar high enough for the whole run.

I am pretty pooped right now. A hot bath and lower back/hip massage sound perfect! My hip flexors are super tight and achy – even walking hurts! I’m really happy I went running and definitely have that calm, peaceful feeling you get after a good workout. My only mistake I think was going in the middle of the workday, when I still had several hours of sitting in an office chair…

I’m signed up for a 10k in two days. That’s about two miles more than I did today. I’m going for it! My goal is to run the entire thing with no walk breaks – normally no biggie for me but hey, being pregnant is hard! If I absolutely need to stop and walk then so be it.

Really happy to still be active even if it is exhausting. I know I will be happy in the long run that I kept at it! Just gotta find the right gear and make sure to take it easy 🙂

KK 20dec18