The biggest recent challenge to my exercise routine has been, well, a little silly.

I always have to pee!

Went for a 4-mile run today and OMG. My bladder was feeling it.

I managed to hold it ’til the end, then bee-lined for the bathroom.

But then… there was barely anything! What up?

It seems like just the bouncing motion makes me have to go. Wearing maternity pants definitely helps, like everything is held in and supported a bit better.

There is a clear next step here! Maternity belt. I haven’t started researching them yet but am definitely considering for runs and other exercise in the near future. The only downside I’ve heard is they can make your abs weaker because they take over the work your muscles should be doing. This will be something I look into before purchasing.

Either way, runs will have to be a bit gentler for the time being.

KK 06nov18