W22D2 – Dust mask run

Dust Mask Run
Look at that belly!

Here I am outfitted for my Dusk Mask Run.

The smoke has picked up again as the fires continue to burn. The sky is hazy and the sun is so dim you can look straight at it. Everything is hued yellow and orange, as if the sun were setting. It’s impossible to see farther than a few blocks.

But I want to run!

The dusk mask I’m wearing, N95, is rated to filter out particulates from wildfire smoke. About one in every three people on the street is wearing one. It’s the newest fashion 😉

The last run I went on was about a week ago (4 miles to my prenatal yoga class). Today I had a lot of the same challenges I did last week, along with some new additions:

– Feeling like my uterus is heavy in my pelvis
– Having to pee despite just going
– Getting too hot really easily
– A sense of clamminess and vague weakness
– Extremities falling asleep easily

The extremities falling asleep kinda freaked me out. It’s happened a few times while sitting still, which I figured was related to my blood pressure being lower.

But while running?

Turns out it’s a super common problem! It’s due to all the swelling in your body, which presses on your nerves. Even while running, apparently it’s nothing to worry about.

The heavy uterus and having to pee problem I think will be fixable with a running belly band. I plan to order one soon!

Finally, getting too hot and feeling weak or clammy seem like they could be resolved by making sure to eat and drink enough. I have definitely had issues in the past with lightheadedness while running, and if I made a point to eat more salt it usually went away. So I’m going to be mindful of drinking more water and Gatorade while stocking up on salty snacks.

I’m definitely feeling slower and more lethargic than normal, but overall my body still feels great running! Some minor tweaks and gear should reduce some of the hurdles I’m facing.

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