Today was the first day in nearly a week the smoke cleared enough to go outside. So, I got some exercise!

I biked to aerials, which was a harder class than usual! But super fun, we worked on a drop that I learned over a year ago and had forgotten. I had been trying to piece together how to do it ever since, but couldn’t quite figure it out. When Caitlyn showed it to us, it made my day 🙂 I will try to get into open play soon and post a video!

Then I biked to Target to swoon over baby gear (aww!) and get groceries. I even found a few stocking stuffers for our mixed Thanksgiving-Christmas we’ll have this year. It was a very productive trip.

Finally I biked home with my groceries balanced over the handlebars. It’s a slight uphill the whole way so took me about 25 minutes. I was hot and tired when I finally got home.

Annnnd…. that was the end of my energy :-/

I wolfed down a full tupperware of chicken pasta, followed by some Apple Jacks and half a bag of sugar snap peas. This was followed by a half liter of water and a bit of Gatorade.

Yet I still felt tired and weak. It was as if my body simply didn’t have the fuel it needed. I had an iron pill to help my red blood cell production, in case that was the cause. Then I hung out and rested while keeping hydrated.

It’s night time now, and my energy hasn’t really returned. Maybe doing so much after several days of minimal exercise (except for Wii Dance, of course) was just a shock to my body.

In any case, I plan to get plenty of rest tonight and get going again tomorrow! It’s important to me to keep my endurance UP throughout my pregnancy.

KK 13nov18