Due to the wildfires up north, it’s been tough to get good aerobic exercise in.

Staying outside more than a couple minutes make my nostrils burn and gives me a dizzying headache. No trail runs, bike rides, or long walks through the city for me!

Did you know most of the swimming pools here are outdoors? Back home, no one in their right mind builds a swimming pool where it snows half the year! One downside to living in a beautiful climate, I suppose 😉

My regular gym is also out, as they have no HVAC. Open windows is all they need for ventilation!

I’ve had to get creative.

Luckily, our apartment has stayed pretty dust-free. We went through and closed all the windows to keep the air as clean as possible. I know some people even have air filters.

Cue my favorite indoor activity:

wii dance

Wii Dance!

We got a Wii as a wedding present, along with about five versions of Wii Dance.

It. Is. Amazing!

The choreographed dances are super energetic and easy to follow. After just a couple songs, your heart is definitely racing! Most of the moves are preggo-friendly too: lots of arm and hip movement, not too much jumping.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days. It’s been a fun change from my normal go-to sports.

KK 12nov18