Gear review: Sports Bra

Running while pregnant presents a unique set of challenges.

One problem you shouldn’t have however is your gear.

Especially in my first trimester, my boobs and nipples were so sore! Even my comfiest, most supporting sports bras would leave way too much bounce room for the girls. There were a few times I even held them in place with my arm! It was awful.

So I looked around for some new sports bras that would keep everything a bit tighter. I have honestly never been someone who’s super picky about sports bras (let’s just say I was never super big before 😉 ) so this was new territory for me!

I checked out a bunch of reviews on Amazon and finally found the winner:

The Mirity High Impact Racerback bra

It’s rated the #1 petite women’s sports bra! The shape and strength of the fabric keeps everything held in tight so that nothing bounces. It comes with thin pads to prevent your nipples from showing through (especially if they’re bigger now than they used to be), but if you don’t like pads they’re easily removable. I personally prefer straps that are thick and strong, and this set of bras has a simple design without lots of small, delicate straps. There’s no underwire and no clasp either, just a thick elastic band that you pull over. It’s a basic, functional sports bra that does its job even with growing preggo boobs.

Plus, the colors are fun 🙂

I’ve used these for running, climbing, yoga, and aerials. They fit super snug, look great at the gym, and let you get back to adventuring – jiggle-free!

KK 27nov18