W29D7 – Run and Bike

Tomorrow I’m gonna try TWO workouts in one day: my usual six-mile ride to work plus a four-mile lunchtime run.

I’m a little nervous because I’m usually pretty tired just from one of those. But I’d like to try for both – after all, I’m not one to turn down a workout 😉

So here it all is!

– My bike shoes, which I’ve had for years
– My super cushy running shoes
– A belly band for running while preggo
– Some maternity workout leggings
– A supportive sports bra
– An old T-shirt (yes, my belly sticks out from under it 😉 )
– My fave road bike (not pictured), tuned and prepped for me at the subway station

Prepping my gear reminds me of so many other times I’ve packed for an epic adventure day. I love the night-before anticipation, running through your day, picking out all your favorite gear.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes! My energy is definitely low, but I’m committed to working out and staying fit.

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