Gear review: Running shoes

The shoes I currently love are an all-around trail running shoe, the Brooks Cascadia 11.

They’re supportive and cushy without feeling super bulky. The instep (top part of shoe) is tall enough to accommodate a high arch, and the toe box is on the wider side. There’s plenty of room in the front of the shoe for a flexible foot, which is a measure of how much your foot stretches forward as your take a step (higher arches tend to leave more room for flexibility). The entire shoe wraps around your foot comfortably to hold your foot in place without blisters.

My top recommended wearer for this shoe is someone who:

– has a wider foot (especially at the ball)
– needs a higher instep
– wants a cushy, supportive shoe to hit the trails
– likes plenty of room in the toe box
– wants a shoe with abrasion resistance (if you get holes in the mesh easily)
– likes a softer sole for increased grip and traction

The reason I especially like this shoe for pregnant running is its high stability and support. Its entire design is geared around keeping your foot stable and supporting your weight in uneven terrain. It feels like my foot – and its loosening ligaments! – is held comfortably in place while I tackle any terrain.

KK 28nov18

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