W25D7 – Bike commuting

This morning, just two weeks shy of my third trimester, I had my best preggo bike ride yet: a six-mile commute into work!

There’s a beautiful bike path that covers about 4.5 miles of that, a paved, tree-lined route running along a small creek. Pre-preggo days I would race down it, each morning pushing my cadence a tiny bit faster while my legs burned and my heart raced. I knew every tiny bump and the perfect gear for every hill. Each morning brought me into work refreshed, energized, ready for more. One mile warmup, 4.5-mile race, half-mile cooldown. Shower, eat, repeat.

Let’s just say I’m not racing anymore!

Today I was happy to be on the bike. My bike, The Feather, an entry-level racing bike I saved up for in college for months. Then I decked it out in clipless pedals, traded tutoring sessions for lessons in bike mechanics, and shipped it three times across the country.

Any day I ride it is a good day.

And soon, The Feather will have a new upgrade: raised handlebars.

I knew this moment would come the instant I saw a positive strip. My belly is big enough that bending down into an aggressive race stance is difficult. My knees bow out to the side with each upstroke to avoid squishing BABY GIRL. Soon even this won’t be enough. I need to modify my bike for the third trimester final stretch.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to raise your bike handlebars!

KK 11dec18