Today was adventure day!

The plan was to bike 6 mi to the beach, go swimming and play some frisbee, then bike 6 mi back home.

No problem, right?

Well, I woke up nervous! I haven’t biked that far since getting pregnant. Maybe only half that distance! What’s more, I haven’t touched my beautiful road bike, The Feather, in that much time either.

Giant Avail 2010
This bike goes fast 🙂

Can I even still ride a road bike?! It’s an entry-level racing bike I bought in college, designed to lean the rider into an aggressive, forward stance that increases aerodynamics and emphasizes pedal efficiency. Decked out with 24 gears, I’ve put an estimated 3000+ miles on it and reached a top speed of 52 miles per hour.

It’s not designed for bellies.

So I put on my maternity capris (similar to these ones), pumped up my tires, grabbed extra water and snacks, and clipped in!

The ride was amazing 🙂

I felt so fast! Everything was light and easy and effortless. My legs were happy to be burning and my heart felt comfortably in the aerobic zone. I definitely got winded on hills a bit quicker than usual, but was able to push through each time and recovered quickly. Being on my favorite bike again made me feel ALIVE! It was great.

At the beach we all tossed around a frisbee for a bit then I went for a quick swim, as per usual. The cool water was beautiful and refreshing. Definitely felt colder than normal so I got out a bit earlier. But my body was feeling amazing. Baby’s gonna learn all the sports!

I am so SO happy I got onto my bicycle. I’ve been nervous about this for months! It was so great to finally try it out and remember how much I love zipping around.

Happy pedaling!

KK 03nov18

Image source: https://www.bicyclebluebook.com/searchlistingdetail.aspx?id=3035206