How to Relieve First Trimester Nausea Naturally

Let’s face it, feeling nauseous (or throwing up!) 24/7 makes it pretty hard to keep up an exercise routine. Maybe your nausea isn’t so bad you need a PRESCRIPTION, or maybe you prefer to sail through pregnancy without taking anything. Whatever the case, here are a few easy things you can do to at least get a small break from that awful, “I can puke anytime, anywhere!” feeling.

Get outside

I know that stuff like getting out of bed and getting dressed is basically equivalent to running a marathon right now. You’re super exhausted, and with good reason! It’s not easy to make a placenta 🙂

If you can manage to step outside for even a few minutes, the fresh air will help! Just getting a change of scenery can remind you that yes, there is more to life than feeling nauseous… and this will be over soon.

Take a nap

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my nausea gets worse when my body needs something. Naps are one of the most reliable ways to give my body some rest without making my nausea worse. Eating and drinking can be kind of hit or miss in that respect.

Cool down

Did someone turn up the furnace? I swear I am hot ALL the time. And being hot makes me nauseous. If I can get somewhere cooler, or at least get a fresh breeze on my face, that helps immensely. Maybe that’s why getting outside feels so good. Somehow I never feel nauseous and cold at the same time!

Distract yourself

My nausea seems to be worse when I’m bored than hanging out with friends or family or doing something fun. How does that happen? Distracting myself with a phone call, a silly game, or putting on a movie always helps me forget the nausea and relax for a bit. Sometimes the nausea really just feels like a wave that needs to pass!

Try to eat or drink something

Ok, I get this is easier said than done. However, I’ve found that my nausea seems worse when I’m hungry or thirsty. Plain water is hard to get down sometimes, but Gatorade or Pedialyte I can at least sip. Ditto for food! I always try to have easy “backup” food on me in case I’m really just not able to eat. Lara Bars have been a favorite along with salted nuts. Sometimes the only thing I can eat is buttered noodles, in which case better some food than none!


This one sounds weird, and I don’t know why it works. Somehow just letting myself cry (usually about being so nauseous, ha!) can make me feel about 100% better. There is so much you’re going through during pregnancy! Especially first trimester when you’ve just found out and are thinking of all the ways your life will change, sometimes taking a moment to let it all out can help you feel better.

I hope these tips help you feel better! Remember that it is only a few more weeks that you will be super nauseous. Hang in there!

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