Gear review: Belly Band

Running in second trimester has brought a few new challenges, one of which is the dreaded “jostling insides“, where it feels like your organs are rearranging themselves with every step! It’s uncomfortable, distracting, and weird. Sometimes it’s so bad I start to get round ligament pain too. If I wanted to keep running through second trimester and into third, I needed a solution.

Cue the belly band: a sports bra for your preggo belly.

I bought it off a recommendation from a running mamas group, a little skeptical of whether it’d work for running or just for hanging out.

My first run with it, a four-mile loop over lunch, went great! i went from seriously wondering if I could keep running through my pregnancy, to finishing an entire run and feeling great afterward. With the belly band, I no longer have to stop every mile or two for cramps. I can just run. 🙂

To figure out which size to order, I used some cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference from the small of my back around underneath my belly (basically where you’d want your belly held up from). It comes with tons of velcro so there is definitely wiggle room if you order too small or big.

I would say the only trick to wearing it right is not getting it too tight. I think that’s why I felt kind of slow my first time wearing it: my abdomen was just a tad too constricted. However I velcro’d it a little loose for a 10k I did a couple days later, and I felt great! By the time I was warmed up I didn’t even notice the band. Heck, I even forgot I was pregnant! No joke 😉

The absolute best part? I don’t have to pee nearly as often. A-MAZ-ing!

This belly band is sturdy, nicely shaped to fit under your belly, and doesn’t chafe anywhere. There are lots of adjustment points so you can wear it through several months of pregnancy, and the velcro is thick and strong. It doesn’t feel like it’ll wear out anytime soon, even with all the weight of your belly bouncing on it.

If you are on the fence but know you want to run through your pregnancy, definitely give it a try!

KK 26dec18