Prenatal yoga

I’ve just found my new favorite preggo activity.

Prenatal yoga classes!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing my own yoga at home. Ya know, a few poses here and there, a little bit of extra stretching when I get home. Maybe some extra downward dog when I feel tension rising in my shoulders.

I finally thought to myself, heck! These prenatal yoga classes are everywhere. Might as well see what the big deal is.


I’m hooked! Class started with intros about how far along you are and something you feel like saying that day. Maybe it’s something you’re looking forward to in your pregnancy, or a pesky symptom you’re experiencing, or maybe just that you’re feeling damn emotional today!

The class had four preggos in third trimester, two in first, and me and one other lady in second. One of the third trimesters shared, “I’m at 38-and-a-half weeks, and yes I’m counting by the half week. That’s all I wanna say about that.” Both first trimesters said, “Well I’m doing pretty well, just super tired… you know….” Me and the other second trimester both gushed about how amazing pregnancy is. Ha! Typical.

And then my favorite part. I shared that I was feeling pretty happy because I hadn’t thrown up for three whole weeks. No sooner had I finished speaking than the entire class erupted in applause. It was amazing! And then I started crying because I was so touched: everyone in there totally got how amazing that was and how awful and difficult the first trimester is. They completely understood in a way that even the most well-meaning, non-preggo friend (or spouse!) wouldn’t understand.

I found my people!

So class starts and I’m feeling super amped and just really a part of this group of women. The yoga itself was heaven for my body. It was gentler than regular yoga with lots of new poses I hadn’t seen before, mainly focused on strength and flexibility of the hips. There weren’t any poses I was afraid to do, and unlike my regular workout classes, I felt like everything really worked for my body. Everyone else was totally on the same page as me, and all the poses could be tweaked based on how big your belly was. Ha! My body lapped up these glorious poses like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

We talked about breathing through difficult positions as preparation for labor. I felt how my body relaxed and homed in on its inherent strength with every intentional exhale. Such a great experience! I will definitely be going back next week.

Super psyched for my new hobby!

KK 25oct18