Exercise Motivation for Preggos

Look, it can be hard to stay active while pregnant. You’re growing another person, after all! And with that comes a decrease in energy, general softening of your body, and of course the fact that everything just feels different.

It’s SO easy to skip a workout, drive instead of walk, and get more acquainted with your couch than ever before. Girl, you deserve the rest! BUT maybe that voice in the back of your head says you wanna be working out more than you are.

If you need motivation to keep moving, you’re at the right place! Here’s all the great reasons to go for a walk, hit the gym, or check out a prenatal yoga class RIGHT NOW:

You’ll have more energy. Yes, really!

Endorphins are amazing.

You’ll sleep better tonight. Despite all the peeing.

It’s good for baby! Did you know babies can get used to exercise in the womb? Kids born to moms who worked out while pregnant tend to like exercise more themselves.

Exercise improves circulation. That means fewer varicose veins, improved memory and cognition, plus reduced swelling! What pregnant woman doesn’t need that?

It also improves muscle tone.

And cardiac health. Need I say more?

Staying in shape preps you for labor. Who doesn’t want a faster, easier labor?!

Working out inspires you to eat better. Because it’s harder to stuff yourself with a greasy pizza when your amazing body just kicked butt at the gym.

Staying hydrated will feel easier. You’ll feel thirstier not only at the gym, but all day!

You’ll feel more in tune with your body.

Think how accomplished you’ll feel! You worked out despite being pregnant and completely exhausted. You’re basically a rock star 🙂

Exercising is a goal you can set and meet TODAY. No to-do lists, no waiting for baby to arrive, no worrying about how unprepared you think you are. Setting a goal and meeting it is a proven stress-reliever!

Of course these are only some of the COUNTLESS benefits of exercise. The great thing about getting your heart rate up is that it helps you feel better both immediately and in the long term. Sometimes the only thing that gets me off the couch is knowing I won’t feel like such a zombie after my workout, or that I’ll sleep better that night.

Happy exercising, preggos!

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