The kicking is getting stronger.

I feel it more regularly now, though still only when I’m sitting or laying down. It feels like… bigger bubbles popping than a couple weeks ago.

It’s exciting because this is the first communication I’ve gotten from my soon-to-be child. The first sign that it’s a living being. There’s something in there! Wow.

I also realize that… I know NOTHING about caring for an infant. At this point all I know about it is that it kicks sometimes. And, you know, people tell me it will eat and poop and cry and stuff. But that’s not real right now. The only thing that is is the kicking.

I wonder if it’ll hit me more in the third trimester. I mean right now this infant-person-thing is no more than weird-feeling digestion in my lower abdomen. Will it start to click once I’m bigger? I mean what if I forget to buy something really silly, like diapers? “Well, see it wasn’t pooping while I was pregnant so I just didn’t think to buy anything for poop.”

Are new moms surprised in the delivery room? “Oh, wait, how’d that get there? A person! So, uh, am I supposed to take care of it now?”

And if I’M feeling this way, with the little person inside of me, how the heck is Richard feeling?!

Or maybe his emotions aren’t all weird right now due to, like, hormones and stuff. Ha.

So, yea, still over here cruising through second trimester! Not sure what’s coming next and honestly not too worried about it.

Hey, something to finally thank the hormones for, right?

KK 24oct18