Today has been my most active day since getting pregnant!

I went to back-to-back aerials classes (my fave!) and was able to keep up with everyone just fine. I mean I was definitely tired by the end, but totally kicked butt!

On top of that, I biked to AND from the aerials gym. Okay it was probably less than twenty minutes both ways, but that’s still more than I could manage first trimester! Feeling stoked.

Then I ate a bunch and took a two-hour nap. Ha!

Got some work done and had the energy to go for a walk. After so much exercise already! So I took a long stroll before sunset. My body has felt so good today. Now I’m remembering how I felt before getting knocked up!

This gives me so much faith for the rest of the pregnancy. I mean during third trimester my activity levels will probably drop again. But to see it happen once, and then feel my energy come back. Amazing! This will be such inspiration when things are slower again.

KK 23oct18