Outdoor rock climbing!

Still wearing my pre-pregnant harness and it’s getting tight. Not really able to tighten it anymore. Will need to get a full-body harness soon. This belly’s getting big!

The climbing felt great. My muscles are definitely weaker (no more one-legged squats, heh), but I still got up a tricky route! Also squeezed in a bit of hiking on either end. Had a super great time!

Just past 20 weeks and my energy levels are great. I feel almost pre-preggo! Most importantly, I can still do almost all the sports I was doing before with just a minor dip in performance. The biggest impact to climbing has been my power; muscling up overhangs will probably not work quite as well until after baby’s out 🙂 Endurance still seems fine, but quick bursts can get me winded easily. Also feeling more cautious in general, however that even applies to crossing the street so ya know.

Psyched to keep climbing!

KK 04nov18