I’m here today to talk about BOOBS!

They’re squishy. They jiggle. They mainly don’t do anything…. except attract mates 😛

And now, ladies and gentlemen…

drum roll, please

…mine are growing milk ducts!

Tragically, it’s not as pleasant or enjoyable as one might hope (though still frickin’ awesome!). The ladies are basically sore 24/7. And I’m not just talking about the nipples, which lots of you probably find sore with your cycle. It’s like the ENTIRE BOOB. Someone must be using them as a punching bag every night while I’m sleeping, because they feel bruised and sensitive basically all the time.

On top of that, my nipples are huge and, of course, also sore. Let’s just say bras that used to give me sufficient protection aren’t quite cutting it anymore.

Are my boobs getting bigger? Have they always been so crammed in my bras? Do they usually jiggle this much? I swear they’re popping out of this tank top more than usual! Is everyone else noticing my boobs as much as I am?!

(Ok, the answer to that last one might be a YES)

My boobs are warping from some vague, feminine body part into these weird, giant, jiggly things that never seem to sit right! I definitely have a favorite bra (which I never really had a strong opinion on?), and I find myself needing to “adjust” multiple times a day. Getting them positioned just right so that they’re not squished, popping out, or otherwise misoriented is as great as sleeping in a pile of pillows.

A huge shout out to all the big-chested ladies out there. I never realized how much you guys go through! Also can you please take me bra shopping ❤

KK 17jul18