Body image

A lot of preggos go into their baby-making adventure expecting their body to change… and not necessarily for the better. It’s a known sacrifice.

I know I’m going to lose my abs and put on weight in the butt/hip/thigh area. I may get stretch marks and vericose veins. My ankles will swell and my feet might get bigger. I also know that my boobs will get bigger for breastfeeding.

I just… kinda thought I had ’til the second or third trimester until any of this started.

My boobs are noticeably bigger. They hurt, my bras are starting to get too small, and they’re definitely just, kind of, in the way in a way they never have been.

I liked my original boobs. They’re small and low-maintenance. I can run around without a bra if I so choose. They can get tucked into a sports bra and completely forgotten about when I exercise.

I…. don’t like this change. I feel slow and delicate and overly feminine. I feel immobile and, for the first time in my life, FAT.

Big boobs aren’t me! I’m small and fit and athletic. I run trail races, do obstacle courses, climb overhangs, snowboard double blacks, fly through the air on silks, bike nearly every day, and do flips and handstands. Give me any new sport, and I’ll learn the basics in a few tries. Give me any strong burly dude, and I’ll find something I can outcompete him in.

Being athletic is my thing. And now I’m getting this growing fat on my chest that makes me slower and weaker and less me.

I just wasn’t expecting this so soon. I thought you only grew like, one cup size total. Here I am a mere two weeks after my first positive pregnancy test, and it feels like I’ve already grown that much!

Did you know that boobs supposedly grow throughout your entire pregnancy?! According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting, they don’t get smaller again either.

Sounds like my boobs from two weeks ago are gone for good. I am definitely starting to embrace my body as a “mother’s body,” but the shock has been hard to get over.

It was my choice to make a kiddo. My body is now gonna do what it needs to do. If I want to do a sport badly enough once I’m doing being pregnant, I will find a way to do it. Mom-body and all.

KK 23jul18