I’ve made it to five weeks!

And I finally have the energy to write again.

Today’s Thursday. Sunday night I arrived from Ohio, tired and without my food reserves for the week. I tried to find a little Odwalla smoothie, but the Walgreens I checked was sold out. It was 9:30pm and I was completely beat. So I went back to my airbnb and tried to fall asleep. That’s when this post came out.

Monday I went to my fave cafe and ordered my “usual”, a smoothie and breakfast burrito (they’re starting to recognize me). Feeling completely and utterly exhausted, I slouched in the booth and sipped my smoothie. Nothing else. I didn’t even read my phone; that would’ve required too much effort.

Monday morning was when I had the idea to quit my job, move back to California, and focus full time on blogging and being pregnant. Elizabeth quickly reminded me that was a dumb idea.

Ironically, being at work is one of the most helpful things for getting through the extreme tiredness. It gives me something mundane and concrete to focus on, and lets me interact with other people who are entirely concerned with things other than being pregnant. It also helps ground me. I learn about new science and engineering niches, and talk with smart people who generally know more than me about such niches. It’s something I’ve always loved, learning new things, so being immersed in it helps me feel more like Old, Badass Kathy and less like New, Tired Kathy.

The key is really making sure to have enough food, water, and sleep. Then I can at least function like a normal human (fine, a tired and spacey human).

KK 19jul18