Full-body harness

Guess what my husband surprised me with?

Testing out full body harness
A full-body climbing harness!

We tried it out at the gym and it was AMAZING. First off you will notice there’s nothing that goes across your belly. My regular harness was becoming uncomfortable, and I started to feel unsafe because I couldn’t tighten it very well anymore. With the full body, I can tighten the leg and shoulder straps as much as I want to feel fully secure and comfortable in the harness.

There’s another benefit too which I didn’t expect. My regular harness had started to become very uncomfortable – almost painful! – while getting lowered. The straps tighten around your legs as your weight settles into the harness, which in more than five years of climbing has never bothered me! However there must be something about the extra fluid retention or change in circulation that makes it particularly painful now. It was getting so bad I would hold onto the rope while being lowered just to pull some weight off my legs.

Well the full body harness doesn’t have that problem! It’s hard to tell from this pic, but the leg straps actually connect up near the small of your back. What this means is your weight ends up along your butt cheeks instead of pinched in your thighs. Definitely no problem with circulation there! This harness actually felt like a recliner while getting lowered, NO JOKE. Some of the reviewers commented on the lack of padding in this harness compared to traditional waist-only harnesses, but it really wasn’t a problem for me. This harness was a dream!

So stoked to feel comfortable climbing again 🙂

KK 17nov18