Baby girl

Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what my baby girl’s gonna be like.

Will she love the outdoors like her parents? Will she be curious? Adventurous? What will she be good at? Will it be the things me or her dad are good at, or will she discover something else neither of us can do? Will her personality be a mix of mine and her dad’s, or will she take more after one of us? Or will she be completely unique?

I think of all the things I’m good at, and all the things Richard is. And then all the combinations! Someone calm like Richard who can’t stay out of the gym, like me. Someone who can lose herself in code like Richard, and loves throwing a party like me. So many possibilities! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see someone who’s a mix of me and my partner in life.

They say you love your child more than you’ve ever loved anyone else. How is that possible?! I guess I can’t imagine it yet 🙂

Do you think that however you feel in pregnancy is a hint of what your new kid will be like? I wonder if part of her is in me, changing my personality.

I feel calm and happy all the time. Is this what being pregnant is like? It seems like most women I talk to don’t share that experience.

I feel so… girly! For the first time ever. I love being around other women, I love making myself look good and making others feel welcome. My home must be a warm space for others to relax and enjoy healthy, delicious food. I feel way less competitive. My greatest desire is to bring people together.

Is this just the hormones or…. is this her? Do I get a tiny snapshot of what she’ll be like?

I can’t wait to meet her and see what she’s like. And I know it’ll be a lifelong process! The possibilities for her right now are…. anything!

KK 19nov18