Ok so there’s something we need to talk about.

I am experiencing a major personality change.


Literally. On Saturday (w3d4) I had a very faint positive test. Felt pretty normal all day, maybe a little tired (which I attributed to all my recent flying). Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning was when Richard came into the trailer drunk and I couldn’t sleep for the smell and the crazy hunger-nausea.

Sunday morning I wrote my first pregnancy blog post. Sunday afternoon at the airport I was moving slow and felt preeeeetty chilled out. Sunday evening I absolutely HAD to visit my parents; I had an overwhelming desire to be around family, be taken care of, and rest with people I’m close to.

Not that I don’t normally love that stuff. It’s just that most days, I’d prefer to squeeze in a quick gym visit before seeing a friend. Or get home and work on a neat project. Or go for a crazy, 10-mile trail run before going out to brunch.

Physical activity sounds hard right now. Nicer to sit and hang out. I’ll watch your game of cornhole instead of playing, thank you. Why would someone go through the trouble of biking into work when you could just drive? Where is the elevator, where is the escalator? Fuck stairs. I’ll park as close to the entrance as I’m damn well able! No way will I walk farther through this parking lot than I have to.

Even thinking feels harder than usual. Why doesn’t everyone just listen to music all day? Or sit in the backyard noticing the birds chirp and watching the shadows change as the sun comes up? If I don’t absolutely HAVE to be doing something, or thinking through something, or undertaking a new project, you can be sure I’ll just be sitting around relaxing!

No way would non-preggo me do that. Sounds boring 😉

So yea, personality change! Hormones are powerful things, as it turns out…

KK 10jul18