Turns out being pregnant is really hard.

I meant to write a post yesterday, but by the time I got home around 7:30 I was way too exhausted.

Part of the reason I was so tired is because I went for a bike ride! One of the hardest ones I’ve ever been on, in fact. It was maybe four miles or so through Boulder. It was really hot and I stopped three different times for water and rest breaks. My heart was racing!

I googled “pregnancy high pulse” and it turns out my heart is pumping 30-50% more blood than normal! This will continue through my entire pregnancy. My resting rate is currently around 90 bpm, which is considered completely normal for a pregnant woman! Normally it is around 60-70 bpm.

Anyway, that’s part of why I’m so tired. But that’s not the only reason. I estimate I’ve eaten around 1500 calories a day the last few days. My appetite is basically nonexistent! Sometimes I get this really painful, churning feeling in my stomach, usually accompanied by intense nausea. I’ve figured out that means I’m hungry. If I can get some food down I usually feel a lot better. But why the heck does my body go and make me the most nauseous when I most need to eat?

Supposedly it’s to make me super picky about what I eat. Ya know, so I don’t eat anything bad or spoiled. I guess that’s also what the K-9 level smell is for. Gatorade has been pretty awesome (hydrates and has calories!), and smoothies are hit or miss but more hit than not.

Other foods will be amazing one day and disgusting the next. For example the infamous bacon sandwich.

I’m still crying (or fighting to hold back tears) over every little thing. I’m super tired. I also give absolutely zero fucks about anything.

Jeans are unbuttoned to relieve pressure on my uterus? Don’t give a shit.

I have to pee in the middle of a training? No guilt just getting up and walking out of the room.

Normally feel shy talking about myself too much in a professional setting? Don’t care. You will hear about what I did this weekend.

Shirt slipping down so low you can see my bra and half my boobs? Too bad.

So the lack of worrying about anything has been cool at least. I basically have only so much energy in a day, and worrying about what you think of me does not make the list. Ha!

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