More crying

My hormones are hard at work finding more things to cry about:

– It’s really hard to eat
– My mom gave part of her body so I could have a body. SHE GAVE ME THE GIFT OF LIFE
– Richard’s gonna be a dad!
– I’m tired
– At a safety training at work, the EHS guy asked the group why we work safely. A male engineer piped up, “So we can go home to our families.” OMG SO TOUCHING don’t cry, don’t cry
– This bike ride is really exhausting
– Richard only talked to me on the phone for a couple minutes (side note: he’s never been a phone person in all the years we’ve been together. I knew when I called him he wouldn’t wanna talk for long. But I will still cry about it, thank you.)
– I don’t like this cookie

Sigh it’s gonna be a long pregnancy… and it’s only a matter of time before I royally embarrass myself! Luckily, as we’ve already established, I give zero fucks about anything right now 😛

KK 10jul18