W18D2 – Welcome to Second Trimester

Feeling really good!

What they say is true: you feel yourself again in the second trimester!

My energy is up, my strength is up, heck, even my mood is up. I mean, my cheeks are getting sore from smiling so much. Everything is calm and peaceful, and even stuff that isn’t – like the thought of going through labor! – is far in the distance and something I will be totally fine for. Why wouldn’t I? Life is good, I’m alive, I have a wonderful husband, and I’m lucky enough to be pregnant! I know lots of women struggle to find the right partner, or be at a good place in their lives, or to physically get pregnant. Every single day is spent counting this blessing the universe has bestowed on me.

I try to express my gratitude for my health and fertility by treating my body well! That means lots of yummy, OB-approved meals and tons of safe, gentle exercises. My body is feelin’ good, and I plan to keep it this way! Keep your eyes out for an upcoming post on the Top 10 Sports for Pregnant Bodies.

KK 18oct18