As I mentioned I went to Bob’s wedding this weekend.

Bob is a big drinker. The whole family knows how to party, and there will most definitely be an open bar.

On top of that, I will be on the “party bus”. That’s the decked out limo the bride, groom, bridal party, and plus-ones ride in to all the photo sites. The whole ride will last around four hours, and I don’t even need to say this: it’s got enough booze to survive a zombie apocalypse.

How am I supposed to get through a party bus AND boozy wedding without drinking?

Easier than expected, it turns out! People only really seem to offer you drinks when they’re sober (“I’ll have one in a min.”). Then they quickly get too excited about what they’re drinking next to pay you any attention.

Then voilà! You’re having fun with a bunch of drunk people without having to drink yourself. All of the hilarity, ridiculousness, and crazy stories without the headache, embarrassment, or hangover. You’re still absolutely a part of the event, and honestly no one can tell you’re not drinking. The peer pressure is way easier to resist than you’d expect!

(Or maybe that’s just cuz anyone who knows me knows I suck at drinking. Ha ha.)

I am seriously considering staying off drinking even after I’m pregnant. Ever since I hit the ripe age of 25, it became impossible to stay up past 11 with even one drink in me. And about a year ago, I stopped drinking entirely if I was going out for a long night. The only time I drink is either with dinner or very rarely at home on a weekend night.

(You don’t have to say it: I am a HIT at parties.)

In conclusion: giving up sushi is WAY harder than giving up alcohol. Enjoy all the spicy tuna, rainbow rolls, and sashimi while you still can!

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