The good news is:

My appetite has returned! The nausea has all but subsided. Apparently your hormones naturally fluctuate throughout pregnancy. Your body also slowly adjusts to them. That could explain why I felt like I got hit by a train Sunday, and have been gradually feeling less exhausted the last day or two.

The bad news is:

I’ve lost five pounds. Since Sunday. That’s a helluva lot of weight to lose so quickly. Maybe part of it is just my insides getting cleared out (ie. there’s less food sitting in my digestive track than average) as opposed to burning fat. If I’m burning fat I’m having to dip into extra calories already. And I am only a matter of DAYS into pregnancy…. earlier than most women even begin to feel symptoms 😉

I’m trying to stuff myself with as much food as I can while my appetite holds. Maybe the temporary nausea reprieve (and crazy hunger!) is my body realizing it needs more calories. My job now: eat eat eat!

Some of you might be wondering if there’s a more sinister explanation for why my nausea has disappeared. Not to fear, I (naturally) worried the same thing. However, it sounds extremely unlikely I’m having a miscarriage. For one thing, I’m still exhausted AF, get winded going up a flight of stairs, and have sore nipples. On top of that, miscarriages tend to be accompanied by pain, intense cramping, and bleeding. The only thing I notice is some mild cramping, not near as strong as what I get before my period.

Overall, still truckin’ along. Just tired. Oh so tired…

KK 12jul18