W5D4 PP – First run!

Went for my first run today since being preggo.

Heck, since being seven months preggo!

I know it’s not quite six weeks yet… but I took it slow and paid lots of attention to my body.

It went super well! I ran about two miles, and slow. I was especially paying attention to any pressure or stretching along my abdominal wall (diastasis recti) and any pressure downward along my pelvic floor.

The great news is I didn’t experience either. My hip flexors were a bit sore but no other aches.


I definitely did not wear an appropriate bra. My milk-filled boobs were bouncing everywhere! That was actually why I turned around and went home after just two miles. These breastfeeding nipples couldn’t handle it!

I basically just forgot to change out of my nursing bra into a super-supportive sports bra. Did I mention I haven’t been getting the most sleep? Ha.

Overall a really great run. Probably the best one since becoming pregnant! It feels SO good to have my body back again, even if it is a bit weaker and slower than how I left it.

I will try running again in a few days, after my body has a chance to rest up. My doc said I’d feel it if I’m hurting anything, so today was very reassuring.

My next fitness goal? Running the Bolder Boulder 10k in four weeks. I want to try to match my time from last year on a different course: a super hilly trail race I did pre-preggo.

It feels great to be working toward something again! Even better, my body is getting stronger with time instead of weaker.

Man, is pregnancy tough!

KK 25apr19