Today I managed to get up early for a bike ride 😀

Riding to the ferry terminal
Look at that 20-week belly! Jacket’s getting tight 🙂

Well, actually it was getting up early for the ferry, which entails a bike ride to the terminal.

It was beautiful! I love getting up in the morning. I left home right as the sun was coming up.

The ride itself is about four miles – so short that I take my old, trusty burner bike, The Mermaid.

(The Feather, with its racing frame and clipless pedals, gets saved for longer rides with fewer stop signs and traffic lights)

During first trimester, the ride was pretty difficult. It felt long and I got tired easily. Doing it every day felt like too much. Each ride left my utterly exhausted. I will be honest, it made me feel a bit pathetic.

But cue second trimester! I can do the ride much more easily now. I enjoy going fast enough to feel my heart rate rise, my blood pumping through my body.

The only real struggle I’ve had has been wearing loose enough pants. Most of the time I can get away with unbuttoning the top button while I’m riding (rather, the top hairband). But sometimes even this puts too much pressure on my uterus. On those days I try to curve my back forward (kinda like a hunchback) so that my stomach isn’t quite as far over my legs.

I still have a few regular pairs of pants I can bike in using the hairband trick, but I’m increasingly turning to maternity pants while riding. That elastic band is wonderful while bent over, and I don’t have to worry about showing anyone a plumber’s crack 😉

There’s another exciting change coming to my biking wardrobe!

What I’m wearing is my favorite favorite FAVORITE biking jacket. I originally won a similar style in a raffle six years ago. It’s so thin that I never thought I’d wear it, but when I tried it biking, I realized it was perfect. It keeps the wind off your skin on cold mornings, but doesn’t retain much heat. It’s comfortable, breathable, and so light you can even stuff it into a jeans pocket. I take it basically everywhere I go. Every few years I end up buying a new one (exact same model!), when the old one gets worn out, or starts to smell funny, or, you know, I lose it.

Okay so yea, I’m sad that it won’t fit me for much longer. But the reason it won’t fit me is so exciting! I’m sure I’ll be able to wear it again to take my baby on rides, which is something I’m really looking forward to.

Today’s ride was wonderful (it always is!), and I’m so glad I got up early for it even though I’m feeling a little sleepy now. My goal is to keep riding all the way through third trimester. You think I can make it? 🙂

KK 30oct18