I love you, Mom!

One of my hobbies right now (which I neglected to include in my “new fave hobbies” list) is googling All The Things about pregnancy. Sometimes I come across gems like this article:

Motherhood: 23 Things That Make Us Want To Give Mom The Biggest Hug

Obviously I don’t actually have a kid yet, but I appreciated several of the callouts to the actual Being Pregnant part:

#21: Being pregnant is a full-time job
#16: Hormones and moodiness don’t go away
#6: Frequent toilet breaks (and we’re not kidding)

There were also several others definitely on my mind immediately post-partum, including maternity leave (already trying to figure that out?!), breastfeeding, and post-partum depression.

Finally, #4: Maternal health programs can be flawed.

Is that something I should be worried about?! God that wasn’t even on my list.

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