The first day. A faint line!! All the preggo articles say faint = pregnant!!!!

This is the best toilet trip of my life. How can I contain my excitement?! I shouldn’t tell anyone yet, not even Richard, it’s too faint. I will test again in a few days once the hCG hormone has doubled (it increases exponentially).


Should I keep sitting on the toilet ’til I can stop grinning like an idiot? Maybe I should at least flush. Ok, I think I’m composed now.

Walk downstairs, cool as a cucumber.

“Hey Cassie, you should tell Kathy.”

“Tell me what?”

“I’m pregnant!”

Wait, what?

“Two months along!”

Don’t blurt out ME TOO!!!!, just keep it cool, keep it cool. It was only a faint line, not even Richard knows, you can’t tell anyone, just keep quiet.

“That’s wonderful, congratulations!”

Cue ALL the questions about first trimester.

Two pregnancies in ten minutes!

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