Good morning!

It is Sunday, July 8, 2018.

And I believe I am pregnant 🙂

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test sensitive to 10 mIU/mL hCG, and it revealed a faint positive line (anything over 25 is considered pregnant). I’m waiting at least 48 hours to retest, in theory once hCG levels have doubled. Yesterday would be 3 weeks and 3 days from my LMP (last menstrual period – gotta learn the lingo!), so still quite early for a test. I was measuring my cycles at 21 days with an ovulation predictor kit, and then my period was a bit late in Israel to yield a 25-day cycle.

Today is 25 days from my LMP. No cramping or bleeding so far. If I get through today, the latest likely day for my period, that will definitely signal something!

Last night/this morning has been the first day I’ve noticed many symptoms. Richard came into the camper last night reeking of booze, and I also smelled a cigar on him. I feel like I could’ve sniffed out which brand! The sheer abundance of the scent shocked me. It made me think, Don’t try to cheat on a pregnant lady! Hehe.

I also feel pretty dehydrated (hungover) and nauseous, and my stomach is roiling like no one’s business. I pooped and am sipping some gatorade now, both of which seem to help. I also moved out of the claustrophobic trailer to sit outside in the shade and cool breeze. The urge to puke has definitely subsided out here.

I haven’t told Richard about my positive test yesterday yet. I want to make it something special! But he is intuitive, and I think he’s figured it out. Ok this sounds silly, but yesterday I tried to link eyes with him and shout, “I’m pregnant!” in my head. A while later he smiled back at me and I swear I heard, “I know :-)”. Or maybe that’s just the hormones and wishful thinking. In any case he definitely said I’m being very hopeful. But I just gotta feeling, I tell you!

I want to wait til after Bob’s wedding to tell him, so he can enjoy this time with his cousin fully. My plan is to find an excuse for him to be in Colorado the following weekend, then “propose” to him then. But that is two weeks away! It will be a long wait with such an exciting secret 🙂

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t tempting to hint at! Last night I told him I was nauseous, felt hungover, and had a super strong sense of smell, after telling him all day I “just felt” like I was pregnant. He replied, “I feel like that too…. you’re probably just too hot.” Ha! I will have to tease him about that later.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Really can’t wait for that BFP (big fat positive) to confirm the news!

KK 08jul18