I need to write!

It’s been 13 weeks and 3 days and I’m finally out of the first trimester. Whew!

SO much is changing. Everything is making sense and my entire personality is shifting. Everything is becoming clearer, the important and the irrelevant.

My emotions are RIGHT HERE. No hiding or faking anything; doing so becomes nearly impossible.

Yesterday was an utmost sense of pity for men, who never get to experience this.

I’m spiritually attuned, I’m at peace and balanced. I’m physically exhausted and struggle to open heavy doors and stand up from the floor. All my relationships come together and this pervasive sense of feeling lost, which has been there my entire adult life, is gone. Gone.

I know to move to Colorado.

I know to go into the business/logistics/management field.

I know to always remember the outdoors and athletics.

I dream of opening my own gym.

My brain is flooded with Spanish, la lengua de mi corazón.

I’m overwhelmed with a desire to buy all the baby things.

There are so many things I want to do! I feel so connected to my baby already; its presence is here with me.

I feel driven.

Going to work is tough. It is just not emotionally relevant to me whatsoever.

Well, they say being pregnant is the most intuitive time of your life 🙂

KK 14sept18