Gender reveal


We found out the gender…


It’s a girl! 😀

Found out a couple days ago at the marina. We went for a nice little morning date and opened The Envelope. Written inside was one word:


Can you believe it?! I was so surprised (baby’s not an “it” anymore), and then of course started thinking of all the amazing and kickass women I know. She could be like any one of them! But different, her own style.

What’s she gonna be like? Will she be more like me or Richard? What kind of hobbies will she have? What will her personality be like? Will she look like me just like I look like my mom? Or will she be more like my grandma who looks totally different?

And then it totally hit me… she’s gonna look up to me as her momma! That’s a lot of pressure! I mean I feel pretty okay with that, but there are some things I’d like to tweak a bit, some goals I’d like to reach for. She should see me striving to be amazing.

Super excited and SO much to take in! We cannot wait to meet out little girl. I can’t wait to see what she’s like!

KK 08nov18