Today I’m feeling very proud of myself.

I ran a 10 kilometer trail race! 🙂

Well, six miles used to be a piece of cake for me. Six months ago I ran the same distance and placed first in my age group. Today I ran about 20 min slower (that’s about 3 extra minutes per mile – ouch!) and came in 12th. I had to take the downhills a lot slower because the baby was bouncing on my bladder a lot and it didn’t quite feel right. My legs also gave out on the uphills much more easily. Usually what I most notice on hills are my quads burning and maybe some lightheadedness depending on my food/water/salt balance.

Today, my quads felt weak. No burning, just not enough raw strength to lift myself up that many hills.

Pushing all out at the end only to see the next two people accelerate away from me was hard.

But hey! I’m pregnant 🙂

I did the whole race. I ran the entire thing, even the brutal uphills where everyone around me stopped to walk. A few times I felt particularly lightheaded or weak, and I still kept pushing through. Looking back, there’s not a single point where I wish I had pushed harder. I was completely spent by the end, and felt like I had pushed myself well.

And I almost beat Ellen! Her long legs brought her in less than a minute before me. Damn 😉

Alright, so pregnant running isn’t the same as non-pregnant running. But it’s still doable and there’s still plenty to feel accomplished about. My goal is to keep running as long as I can!

KK 27oct18