10k @28 weeks

I ran a 10k today! At 28 weeks pregnant 🙂

It was awesome. The first two miles, my feet and hips were achy and I was worried about running the full 6.2. Was I stressing my ligaments? Would my pelvis become injured? Were my feet getting stretched out? Do I really need to run this far? Should I stop early?

Around two miles, I finally hit my pace. I was achy, but not getting more achy. My belly band was tight but not too tight, preventing any “internal jostling” or cramping. My heart rate was steady, and my lungs and muscles were telling me: let’s go faster! It was really only the achiness that felt uncomfortable.

So I pulled a trick from high school cross country:

“The faster I run, the sooner the pain will be over.”

Picked up my pace steadily the last four miles. I felt great! The achiness in my feet and pelvis even went away. For the first time in a couple months, I felt like I was running, not just a lady with a big belly pretending to run. My body was a dog just let outside, a kid out for recess. All the joy of movement had returned!

My original goal for the race was just to see if I could run the whole thing straight. Now, however, my old cross country brain emerged, competitive and calculating:

Mile three of six: steady push just til exhaustion. Maintain.

Mile marker four upcoming, breath is steady and body feels good. Ignore weariness, don’t slow, keep pushing. All is good.

1.5 miles to go and it’s a cool day: you’re not too hot, just pushing hard. Up the pace for last third of race.

Mile five, feeling uncomfortable but too far in to slow now. Less than 1.5 miles left, that’s nothing. Keep pushing.

Bridge marking half mile left, increase speed. Push through til end, this is last chance to funnel energy and cut time. Rest very soon.

And I finished! My time was about 1 hour, 10 min, only about 1.5 min per mile slower than a typical 10k time. Seeing as the first couple miles were such a slow jog as to almost be a walk, I kicked butt on the last four miles! More importantly, I got my faith back that I can still continue to run while pregnant.

The entire race was an amazing experience, and I’m excited to try another one next month. My belly band was a lifesaver, and my super supportive shoes kept my aching feet from slowing me down.

To any other preggos out there who’ve had a few discouraging runs, keep at it! One off day doesn’t mean the next one will be worse. Invest in some good gear and get back out there 🙂

KK 22dec18